Varisia is the large body of land in northwestern Avistan.
It stretches from the Steaming Sea in the west to the Mindspin Mountains in the east and from the Kodar Mountains to Conqueror’s Bay in the south.
The region possesses a variety of environments within its limits, from the swampy Mushfens of the south to the flame-scorched Cinderlands on the northern Storval Plateau.


Varisia has no central government.
It is a collection of independent city-states that each holds sway over a small collection of towns and villages.

Korvosa is the oldest and largest of these cities, founded as a Chelish colony in the 45th century AR, and is the only one to have established a hereditary monarchy.
Thousands of dissatisfied Korvosans fled to Magnimar less than a century ago, disagreeing with their mother city’s allying themselves with the new, infernally-backed Chelish government.
Although Magnimar had existed before, the mass influx of new citizens made it a true rival to Korvosa’s economic dominance of the region.
The city is ruled by a lord-mayor and a city council known as the Council of Ushers.
Far to the northwest of Magnimar and Korvosa is the pirate-haven of Riddleport.
It is governed by a powerful Overlord who runs with a harsh, but decidedly laissez-faire attitude.
The smallest of Varisia’s major cities is the unusual city of Kaer Maga, found on one of the highest parts of the Storval Rise.
It exists in basically an anarchic state, with numerous smaller power groups looking after their own interests.


Celwynvian, Ilsurian, Janderhoff, Kaer Maga, Korvosa (Abken, Biston, Baslwief, Harse, Melfesh, Palin’s Cove, Sirathu, Veldraine), Magnimar ( Galduria, Nybor, Sandpoint, Wartle, Wolf’s Ear), Ravenmoor, Riddleport (Roderic’s Cove), Sipplerose, Urglin, Turtleback Ferry, Whistledown

Mountains & Hills

Bloodsworn Vale, Calphiak Mountains, Curchain Hills, Fenwall Mountains, Fogscar Mountains, Gnashers, Iron Peaks, Kodar Mountains, Malgorian Mountains, Mierani Forest, Mindspin Mountains, Red Mountains, Stony Mountains, Storval Plateau, Velashu Uplands, Wyvern Mountains


Ashwood, Churlwood, Lurkwood, Mierani Forest, Sanos Forest

Marshes & Swamps

Mushfens, Shimmerglens

Plains and Plateaus

Cinderlands, Nolands, Storval Plateau

Rivers, Lakes, & other Bodies of Water

Aloren River, Chavali River, Ember Lake, Falcon River, Jeggare River, Kazaron River, Lampblack River, Ooze River, Runtash River, Sarwin River, Lake Skotha, Skull River, Lake Stormunder, Lake Syrantula, Storval Deep, Storval River, Varisian Gulf, Yondabakari River

Thassilonian Ruins

Countless gigantic monuments and buildings left over from ancient Thassilon can be found across Varisia. They have survived for over ten millennia due to the skills of their stone giant crafters and the power infused in them by the runelords. The most well-known of these include the Cyphergate of Riddleport, the Irespan of Magnimar, the Grand Mastaba of Korvosa, the Lady’s Light in the Mushfens, and the Skull Dam at the Storval Deep.

In the past few hundred years, the magic protecting these structures has finally begun to fail, and have slowly been suffering from the normal effects of erosion. This has also made them more vulnerable to explorers and treasure seekers, who search for the lost treasures of their ancient owners.


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